Scand Group invests in JS Energi AB

Scand Group has been an owner and partner of the company JS Energi Service AB for 1,5 year. Now Scand Group chooses to invest also in JS Energi AB, a company in the JS Energi Group that focus selling new heat pump and heating solutions on local markets.

As part of the investment Scand Group also will take place in the board as well as Peter Borgman, the owner of Scand Group takes on the role as CEO at JS Energi AB as well as JS Energi Service.

JS Energi Service is already the leading company in the nordic when it comes to delivering spart parts for heating solutions, with partners as Bosch, IVT, Nibe, CTC and Värmebaronen. With JS Energi AB we will focus even harder on making it careless to own a heating solution.

“It is a vision that we will put all efforts in implementing, we know that it is ha high and wild vision, but we will do whatever is possible to do to reach the vision” says Peter Borgman